Jonne is a versatile artist who deals with almost all aspects of daily life. Her daily life is one of her greatest sources of inspiration. You can expect that she not only incorporates her surroundings but also her inner turmoiled in an artistic way. The hardship she has encountered are also main subjects and Jonne does not shy away from difficult or sensitive topics.

She specializes in film, photography and installations and often uses her own body and identity in her artistic practice. She confronts herself and the viewer by using hyper-reality. An enlarged and zoomed in version of Jonne’s life. This heightened reality is razor-sharp and shows a romanticized utopian (/ dystopian) version of Jonne. In addition to herself, she also creates her own environment. To achieve this she uses personal objects, preferences and even her pets and friends.

The subjects range from vlogs, rabbits, aquariums, mice, cats, science, nature, jello, lamps and aliens. These are often the basis for her installations. Jonne is not afraid to give her fish and / or rabbits the lead role in a work of art. For example, during the “La Dolce Vita” exhibition at “het Instituut” in Amsterdam (curated by Valentina Gal), she dedicated her work to the capturing of mice in an aesthetic trap. With her work, Jonne elevates everyday objects and activities to high art. On YouTube you can find multiple vlogs from Jonne, one of those vlogs, is nothing more than Jonne who is asleep. She experiments a lot and uses almost everything as art.

In 2015, a mutation in the BRCA gene was found in Jonne’s DNA, as a result she had to undergo a preventive breast removing surgery. For Jonne this radical intervention has led to becoming more consciously aware of her own body and the associated changes and emotions.
She no longer feels like a woman and not even a human being, she had to rediscover herself. She sees herself as a kind of “Alien”, a stranger in her own body. This alienation manifests itself in Jonne’s work, for example through body modification. Do not think of the “traditional” body modification, but rather of her own manufactured nipple prostheses. For example, she has made a set of cast aluminum nipples, but in her photography she also uses everyday objects that act as her new nipples. In this way she is able to take matters in her own hands and be in charge of her own body.

This alienation from being a woman / person is a common thread in her work.
A poem by Jonne about Amsterdam could also be a good way to better understand Jonne and where she’s coming from.

being in a place of comfort
content with the feeling of disconnection
semi existence is a thing
knowing not having a future isn’t interesting
it is not possible to see or experience
being alone in the loneness
not having what you need
be fulfilled

Portrait of Amsterdam